Field Services

Automotive Finance, Credit Unions and Mortgage Companies recognize the benefits of having an agent in the field to facilitate contact with their collections department.  For a reasonable fee, Veritas National Field Service can get your customer on the phone and help resolve your delinquency issues.  The standard $50 Field Visit Fee is only a small fraction of what a normal repossession, charge-off or foreclosure costs.  Over 85% of our field call customers will contact your company!  Even with 1/10th that success rate, your collection department will come out ahead and help you mitigate losses.


Automotive Finance
Field Visit to customer residence or place of employment
Delivery of customized note requesting contact if borrower absent.
Digital photograph of address visited, including collateral if present.
If residence, contact made with neighbors to confirm address if borrower absent.
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Mortgage Lenders
Field Visit to residence or place of employment.
Delivery of customized note requesting contact.
Detailed notes on condition of building if mortgagee absent.
Multiple digital photographs of dwelling.
If building looks unoccupied, contact will be made with neighbors to determine if borrower has vacated the premises.
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